Benham, born on September `78 in Thueringen, Germany.
Starting in 2000 with production of hip hop beats.
Not long time passed, he wanted to learn more.
Always he was a big fan of minimal tech music.
End of 2009 he joined together with another artist. They planned a platform for unsigned artists, took over advertising and arranging.
2010 finally created this project. They have launched "Himmelspforte".
Their cooperation was not long, so Benham dropped the projects.
Since then, he focus on his solo career.
July 2011 he changes his pseudonym from NEIL BENHAM to BENHAMS.

► Compilations:
- Tainted Buddah Recs Volume 2 (as Neil Benham)
- Tainted Buddah Recs Volume 3 (as Neil Benham)
- Tainted Guide to Ibiza Opening Season (as Neil Benham)
► EP`s:
- Done - Ep vö 24.02.2011 TBR (as Neil Benham)
- City - Ep (Ode) vö 10.05.2011 TBR (as Neil Benham)
- Nightmare - Ep vö 03.08.2011 TBR (as Benhams)

New Release

Nightmare - Ep vö 03.08.2011 TBR

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